Milk Tea

Assam Milk Tea
Oolong Milk Tea
Jasmine Milk Tea
Toffee Milk Tea
Roasted Milk Tea

Combination of different types of tea and milk

Milk Drinks

Black Tea Latte
Matcha Latte
Taro Milk
Brown Sugar Tapioca Milk

Combination of different
Plant extracts and milk

Freshly Brewed Cheezo Tea

Cheezo Rose Black Tea
Cheezo Osmanthus Oolong
Cheezo Peach Oolong
Cheezo Rose Oolong

Freshly brewed tea from a single tea bag with exclusive cream cheese milk foam

Fruit Tea

Passionfruit Green Tea
Mango Green Tea
Blueberry Green Tea
Strawberry Green Tea
Lemon Green Tea
Grapefruit Green Tea
Juicy Peach
Juicy Grape
Very Litchi

freshly brewed green tea
real fruits and ice cubes blinded

Fruit Yogurt-Frappé

Mango Yogurt-Frappé
Blueberry Yogurt-Frappé
Strawberry Yogurt-Frappé
Peach Yogurt-Frappé

Yogurt and real fruits
for healthy digestion


Berry Smoothie
Mango Smoothie
Matcha Smoothie
Oreo Boboshake
Ovaltine Boboshake
Raffaello Bobashake

new combination of different
Fruits / biscuit / candy and milk

Fruit Soda

Blue Ocean
Mango Soda
Passionfruit Soda
Strawberry Soda
Grapefruit Soda

Combination of different fruit extract and carbonated mineral water

Popping Bobas

Mango Boba
Litchi Boba
Peach Boba
Blueberry Boba
Apple Boba
Strawberry Boba
Tapioca Jelly
Litchi Jelly

Pearls that burst made from alginate (seaweed starch) and fruit juice


vegetable starch
Obtained from the roots of the cassava, which was already cultivated by the Mayans

contains no allergens and is gluten-free